Wall-to-Wall Comfort

With 25 years of carpentry and building experience, Mike Allen has built a reputation as a builder who consistently produces quality-built custom homes. Because of our reputation, Mike Allen Homes, LCC was chosen as a preferred builder for the fourth and seventh subdivision in the new and exciting Scenic Oaks Development in Rochester, Minnesota. Only a select group of builders who adhere to strict professional standards for quality residential construction received that honor. That means with Mike Allen as your custom home builder, you can expect quality craftsmanship, professionalism, and a passion to see your dream home come true.

PHIUS Certification

Mike Allen Homebuilders is proud to be a Certified Passive House Builder. Passive building is a rigorous and building-science-based method for constructing extremely energy efficient homes. Passive-building principles maximize efficiency as well as personal comfort levels within the environment of your home. Think airtight construction, high-performance windows, advanced ventilation systems, and more quantifiable methods to conserve energy. Get in touch with us to learn more about how passive building can apply to your new home!

About Mike

The building team at Mike Allen Homes, LLC, has over 25 years of carpentry and building experience. Mike's goal is to build quality homes that everyone deserves at any price point. Mike's building philosophy is making it yours. In other words, he believes in building something personal, even if it's just the one piece that will make the home unique for you. His personal designs will help you pull it all together. In addition, Mike Allen Homes has many blueprints on file that you can customize to make your home a truly individual creation.

Better systems make all the difference

We are efficient

Being efficient doesn't just mean being fast; it's also about being precise. We pride ourselves on completing home building projects in a timely manner while also holding ourselves to the highest standards. Our reputation for efficient home building is part of what has made us successful.

We are experienced

With over 25 years of experience in carpentry, building, and remodeling, you can trust us with any home building project. We have worked on a variety of projects and thrive on making each one personalized for the client.

We are local

Based in Rochester, MN, we are familiar with this beautiful city and its surrounding communities. We love being a part of the community and using our passion and skills to support its residents.

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